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Contacts Counselling and Therapy Ltd

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Contacts Counselling and Therapy (CCaT) grew from a project started in 2007 by Dave Greenwell, a Person Centred counsellor and supervisor. As a city based school counsellor, Dave offered placements to trainee counsellors and supervised their practice in schools. Though semi-retired, Dave remains as one of the Directors of CCaT.

Tessa Bunby , also a Person Centred counsellor and supervisor, was providing similar services in primary & secondary schools in the county. Tessa and Dave joined forces in 2010.

In 2015, CCaT flourashed when Jo Solomon joined the clinical team. Jo, an Intergrative Therapist, Group Analyst and Supervisor, has a long history of working in higher education, primary and secondary schools.


Jo and Tessa hold the position of Joint Service Co-Ordinator and Directors of CCaT


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